Do you want to do tracking or follow shots with new perspectives, minimal human and financial resources and stabilized camera systems?
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Our CameraBike is designed like a rigging car or quad – allaround riggable with Mannesmann rods where you can rig all the different equipment you need: Steadicam arms, gimbals but also lightning and sound equipment. That’s why our CameraBike is the perfect vehicle for Tracking or Follow shots with walking or running people, cyclists or even cars – and all that with on-location sound and where YOU want to shoot: in parks, pedestrian zones, subway stations etc.

The driver is supported by a powerful and environmentally friendly brushless DirectDrive Emotor, which is exceptionally quiet and enjoys a very large range due to it having the newest LithiumIronPhosphate battery system to support you even on long shooting days. Up to three passengers fit on our special rikshaw; e.g. The DoP, Camera Assistant and Boom Operator.

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